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Melissa Huddleston, MD Melissa Huddleston, MD (3 Posts)

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University of Florida

Melissa went to medical school at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso. She is currently a PGY-1 at the University of Florida Pediatrics Residency Program. She is not quite sure where she will end up after residency but has thought a lot about pursuing fellowship training in infectious disease. In her spare time, Melissa enjoys going to local parks and farmer’s markets with her husband and baby. She also enjoys reading sci-fi, writing letters to her awesome pen pal (her 8-year-old nephew), and Facetiming friends and family.


Wrinkly face and wonky head; I support your wobbly neck. No matter the emotion, you respond with a cry. It’s early on, we’re full of yawns, trying to survive. I know those eyes can’t yet see much, but you already recognize mama’s touch. Then, one day, you smile at me, and it’s hard to express my absolute glee! You lift your head, then it plops to the ground. Before I know it, you’ll be rolling …

A Tale of Two Worlds

It was the most joyful of times. It was the most horrific of times. A week before my first child was born, an act of terror occurred on the other side of the world. And ever since that terrible day, violence has steadily escalated. My family has grown, while others are decimated. I celebrate with my son, as he grows and showers us with smiles; others search for their children amongst the rubble piles. I hope and pray for my child to sleep through the night; others beg for their …

Alex Bonner, MD Alex Bonner, MD (1 Posts)

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Alex is a resident in child neurology at the Cleveland Clinic. She received her Bachelor’s in neuroscience at the University of Pittsburgh and her medical degree at The Ohio State University College of Medicine. She is a reader of science fiction, a drinker of bourbon, a neuroanatomy nerd and a dog mom, in no particular order.