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Justin Jones, MD Justin Jones, MD (5 Posts)

Attending Physician Guest Author and Contributing Writer Emeritus

Intermountain Healthcare

Justin Jones is an outpatient primary care physician in Utah. He completed his residency in 2018 in Colorado and wrote for in-House during residency. He blogs at Residency Hacker.

Tears for the Warriors Without Armor in the Fight Against COVID-19

It is difficult to put into words the level of frustration and despair that I have felt over the last few days watching the schizophrenic national response to this COVID-19 crisis and its detrimental effects on the work conditions of my colleagues. As an internal medicine physician working in Utah, it feels like it is the calm before the storm as emergency room and urgent care volumes are down as people try to socially distance to correct the spread of this virus. Other areas of the country are not so lucky.

Climate Change is Here: A Pediatrician’s Perspective on the Public Health Crisis

Dakor (Kheda District), Gujarat, India December 1, 2019 Softly and subtly, the rustling of the leaves quickens and a cool breeze sweeps across the town. A child rocks gently on a swing and a father stands in the bazaar bartering for the best value for vegetables for dinner. His wife is hospitalized with hemorrhagic dengue; shivering with fevers that rise and fall as do her blood counts. The surroundings quickly transform from the afternoon’s thick, sweltering …

Shalini Shah, DO Shalini Shah, DO (1 Posts)

Resident Physician Contributing Writer

University of Massachusetts Medical School

Shalini Shah is a third year pediatrics resident at the University of Massachusetts in Worcester, MA. She first learned of climate change as an undergraduate and has become increasingly passionate about engaging in this topic over time. She studied medicine at the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine in Maine. She hopes to co​mbine her interests in pediatrics with environmental and population health to engage in climate research and advocacy. Through this column, she aims to share narratives that illustrate the health impacts of climate change in a relatable way.