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Wrinkly face and wonky head;

I support your wobbly neck.

No matter the emotion, you respond with a cry.

It’s early on, we’re full of yawns, trying to survive.

I know those eyes can’t yet see much,

but you already recognize mama’s touch.

Then, one day, you smile at me,

and it’s hard to express my absolute glee!

You lift your head, then it plops to the ground.

Before I know it, you’ll be rolling around.

You start to chuckle and babble — so many squeaks!

You giggle as mommy squishes your rosy cheeks.

Now you’re sitting up all on your own,

and I can’t quite grasp how much you’ve grown.

You smile at the baby in the mirror.

You grab at your toys to bring them nearer.

Your favorite activity is to fling things straight to the floor!

Soon you’ll be trying to open every type of door.

For now, you just love pointing every which way,

and you’ve finally started to respond to your name.

You won’t allow mommy or daddy to be far from you.

You’re eager to crawl up the stairs and enjoy the view.

Can it be true? You’ve said your very first word!

Definitely sounded like “mama” — that’s what I heard!

You’re about to turn one; my, how time flies!

You clap your hands and wave goodbye!


Image credit: “”When I grow up…” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by FUMIGRAPHIK_Photographist

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