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Dancing in the Rain

why do we live? do we struggle in vain
for the dream of a world, of a life without pain?
we suffer in spades, without cause, without gain
for when all’s said and done, only ashes remain
it’s a cycle, a circus, a cruel, twisted game
the essence of mortality, humanity’s bane
that fate decrees our curtain call always the same
heedless of power, money, status, or fame

for once we are born, the only truth is we die
and this shadow surrounds us, turns life to a lie

BUT – is there a point, to this darkness, this lie?
could there be meaning to life, beyond waiting to die?
the shadows that haunt can turn souls into stone
and, surrounded by death, one feels lost and alone
yet sparks at times rise to defy this dark cloud
benevolent knights to spread their own light around
see them in the kindness of strangers, who reach out a hand
in the clumsiness of a child, the first time it stands
in the dewdrops on tulips, or a half-crescent moon,
the first whistled notes of a much-beloved tune
a sunrise in the mountains or a sunset on the lake
the smell of an oven full of bread freshly-baked
laughter and snowballs and bright-petalled flowers
the freedom of dancing in the rain, and singing in the shower
the wisdom of the elderly, the secrets friends share,
the serenity in the face of the devoted at prayer
candlelight and starlight and street lamps glistening through rain
hazy summer nights and crisp autumn days
the anticipation as lights fall upon actors on a stage
the way the words flow as i write upon this page

and a thought creeps in, like a word whispered under breath,
maybe – just maybe – there is more to life

than death

Beatrice Preti, MD Beatrice Preti, MD (5 Posts)

Fellow Physician Contributing Writer

Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at Western University

Beatrice Preti is a PGY-4 fellow in medical oncology at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at Western University in London, Ontario.