Art & Poetry in Medicine

Drashtant Prajapati, MBBS Drashtant Prajapati, MBBS (1 Posts)

Post-Graduate Physician Contributing Writer

B. J. Medical College in Ahmedabad, India

Dr. Drashtant Prajapati is an international medical graduate from B. J. Medical College in Ahmedabad, India.

Adrian Poniatowski, MD Adrian Poniatowski, MD (3 Posts)

Resident Physician Contributing Writer

University Hospital of Krakow, Poland

Adrian Poniatowski is native New Yorker and a physician poet. He studied history at Cornell University before going on to finish medical school in Poland at Jagiellonian University. He received an appointment to stay on at his alma mater as Lecturer in Pathophysiology, in addition to his duties as an intern physician at the University Hospital of Krakow, Poland. He draws inspiration from his Catholic faith and long walks spent meditating on the sublime beauty of daily life. His artistic motto is Ars neptis Dei, a paraphrase from the Divine Comedy proclaiming that “Art is the granddaughter of God.”