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The Newborn Perspective

The Newborn

Drashtant Prajapati, MBBS (2021)
marker on paper

Don’t you forget the first day of life,
You had turned upside down
And a tight slap upon your backside
Even to get you to breathe!
Even to get you to cordial cry!
Who gives life to the immature ones like me?

Smiling is not an option!
After worshipping the mother goddess for nine months, I have just left an altruistic uterus! I know, smiling is not an option at that moment. However, I do not want to pull out of her colorful world that imbues my heart through her feelings. Therefore, I want to play with her through kicking and experiencing exhilarating and revolving rides.

Who am I?
Where did I reside before two different kinds of genomes under the influence of hormones unite? I am still questioning. Life makes a lane for an existential journey from the uterus to the universe. The time was perceptible when her blood instilled my developing space in the direction of unknown waves determined by genomic force. However, the question “Who am I?” has not emerged at that time because I did not even exist. The only existential reality was the elated uterus of my mother.

The sculpture of spirit!
I was becoming a devotee of the divine female power synonymous with the creator of the universe, the embodiment of pristine purity and truth. The holy mother was supposed to be my temple who would steer me clear of succumbing to the evil in me! In addition, she has sculpted the sculpture of my spirit and gives me everything that requires to live a life in infinite cycles of time. The most important one is mitochondria glittering when air touches my body.

True meaning of E = mc²!
According to my perspective, E = mc² means energy is transferred just square to me (C: Child) from my mother (M)! It gives an impulse to my heart and the signaling way to her heartbeat for her existential perception! And her chest swinging gives me warmth and transmutes my fluid into the air in a novel lung which reminds me of those pleasurable plays.

First inspiration!
When inspiring air, every molecule of this physical body will acknowledge its way to mechanize my being for a limited time very precisely and beautifully. Apart from that, My heart chambers communicate last time directly that we synchronize every bit of ecstatic feelings through blood after segregation!

Eternal explorer!
Don’t worry! It is all about just the beginning of a blissful life of immense possibilities! In other words, there is an opening ceremony to experience mysterious and vivid intangibilities! So, let me explore the universe!

And above all, during this precious moment as a newborn, let me appreciate that pediatrician who would be a spectator of tears of joy of my mother for tearless crying of this reincarnation.

Drashtant Prajapati, MBBS Drashtant Prajapati, MBBS (1 Posts)

Post-Graduate Physician Contributing Writer

B. J. Medical College in Ahmedabad, India

Dr. Drashtant Prajapati is an international medical graduate from B. J. Medical College in Ahmedabad, India.