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Healing in Relationship Lies

Illness lies hidden in our ways
Influenced by the unconscious gaze.
Each step we take, we took before,
Each thought has already knocked at our door.

Patients tell all to us, but in disguise —
reveal, because healing in exposition lies.
Through mind and body; we build our wealth.
Unraveling thoughts is the key to health.

No bland explanation, no rude remark,
dig it up from the patient’s hidden dark.
Here, you must regard your inner mood
in order to treat patients’ magnitude.

In alliance, we shall tell the truth —
Since drugs do not expose illness’ youth.
Our relationship in healing twined,
neglect the gaze and the sick stay blind.

Kamiar Rueckert, MD (1 Posts)

Resident Physician Contributing Writer

Heidelberg University Hospital in Germany

Kamiar Rückert is a resident physician in internal medicine at St. Josefskrankenhaus in Heidelberg, Germany. His journey into the specialty began in 2016 when he founded PSGRiga, a extracurricular student group designed to provide students with knowledge on emotions in health care and psychosomatic concepts. His previous articles have been published in The Vienna Psychoanalyst, In-Training, and the printed and online version of the Latvian student magazine Semper Anticus. He likes hummus, continental philosophy, and smoked blutwurst