in-House Theme Issues

in-House, the online magazine for medical residents and fellows, publishes special theme issues on social medicine, mental health, the arts, and more.

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Women in Medicine: September 2017
in partnership with the American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA)

In partnership with the American Medical Women’s Association, we dedicate our September theme issue of in-House to the unique perspectives that women in medicine bring to advancing the profession and improving the health of our communities. We strive for a better understanding of the continued challenges faced by women in medicine and strategies for lasting solutions.

Complications: October 2017

Complications are an issue that every physician has witnessed and experienced. None of us are immune to seeing how complications affect our patients and ourselves, emotionally, mentally and physically. Our October theme issue of in-House is dedicated to exploring mistakes, errors and complications, and how they affect the future of medicine.

Military Medicine: November 2017

In honor of Veterans Day, we dedicate the November theme issue of in-House to our service members and veterans, and we seek perspectives on the unique challenges of providing health care to those who have been called to serve our country.

Previous Theme Issues:

Mental Health: May 2017

Burnout. Resiliency training. Mindfulness. These are buzzwords that are ubiquitous in the training of housestaff, a response to distressing stories of resident suicide in recent years. In honor of Mental Health Month, we dedicate our May 2017 theme issue of in-House to the mental health of physicians-in-training.

Arts in Medicine: April 2017

April is National Poetry Month, so we dedicate our April 2017 theme issue of in-House to the arts. Simply, we seek resident- or fellow-produced art in any medium, including but not limited to traditional media, music, photography, poetry, prose, film, dance, or any other form of artistic expression.

s/p The Match — One Year Later: March 2017

This March, interns will be one year status-post The Match. As the PGY-2 year fast approaches, we seek reflections from interns on the transition from medical school to post-grad life, expectations of intern year versus the reality of intern year, and on the trials and tribulations of your first year as a practicing physician. Whether it be advice for the incoming class of interns, or meaningful patient stories that shaped your year, or your tips for personal wellness, or snippets from your personal notes or journals, we seek all reflections on the formative first year of being in-house.

Social Medicine: February 2017

Social medicine: the study of the complex interplay of social, genetic and environmental factors and their collective impacts on health, disease and the practice of medicine. We dedicate our February 2017 theme issue of in-House to exploring health disparities, social justice, and the social determinants of health in modern medicine.