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University of California San Diego

Natassia Gaznick is currently a second year psychiatry resident at the University of California San Diego. She graduated from the University of Iowa with an MD and PhD in Neuroscience in 2015 after completing a research fellowship at the Mayo Clinic. She is interested in the well-being of health care practitioners with particular focus in addiction.

Recognizing Mental Health Illness Among Veterans is an Educational Competency

Over the course of residency and fellowship training, it’s likely that almost all trainees will encounter veterans through rotations at Veterans Affairs (VA) facilities. With mandates from Title 38 and long-standing relationships with academic institutions nationwide, the Veterans Health Administration plays a significant role in shaping the education of future medical professionals.

Liang Chen, MD Liang Chen, MD (1 Posts)

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Boston University

Liang is a physician and writer who believes deeply that better health requires efforts to address disease at both the clinical and public health levels. He is passionate about using a global perspective to combine those perspectives in his career.